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50 members have been suspended for abusing our program.
Country Username Reason
MIV1960 2 different isps
seam2468 2 diiferent isps
thuantip 2 diiferent isps
savar 2 isps
1sandeep a-hole and network sharing
saskia bad ads
Juditha bot check
kenjionline cheat checks
tristar cheater 21 signups denied
gabor68 false email
Sainoom811 false email multiple accounts
Sainoom121 false email multiple accounts
Terz17 false information
alipakzad55 false information
f1978 false information false pm account
singh false referral
tungvl8995 false referral
youssefnadir false referral
spavnnpl false referral
Rampa invalid email
erik56 invalid email
leon78 invalid email
DZ4FREE network sharing
sendy1 network sharing
NGNESSI network sharing
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